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Established in Jaipur, in the year 1997, Gosil Exports Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted and renowned jewelry manufacturer in the
world of exquisite jewelry. Our company is built on the pillars of Trust, Excellence, Creativity & Innovation, Diversity and
Continuous learning. These are the very traits that shine through in every piece of jewelry that we create.


Our forefathers had been pioneers in the gemstone world for over three decades before establishing GOSIL in 1996. Their expertise and skills are evident in our fine jewelry even today!

Compliant with global requirements, Gosil Exports Pvt. Ltd. is an RJC (Responsible Jewelry Council) Certified designer jewelry manufacturer.

We stand true to our pillars of

Trust, excellence & creativity that help us serve 100+ jewelry brands and retailers across the globe.

Research, design and development is driven by

Innovation, recreation, and consideration of what you desire to adorn.

All our designs reflect

The brilliance of craftsmanship while maintaining precision in every intricate detail.


To bring our exclusive designs to life, Gosil uses world-class equipment and machinery. Our manufacturing process is one-of-a-kind, widely known to accurately set the gems, produce precisely cut gemstones, and use modern technology for laser marking, stone cutting, plating, and oxidation.

Our team of professionals can source high-quality semi-precious and precious stones, setting them together to create exclusive designs. We stand apart as the leading gemstones jewelry manufacturer in Jaipur and continue to grow as the finest gemstones and jewelry exporters in India.


At a glance, we can understand the complex process of creating world-class jewelry at Gosil, from assorting the raw materials to applying the finishing strokes, at our global workstations. The intricate work of designing and creating unique jewelry pieces at Gosil that makes it the best precious jewelry manufacturer in India, takes place in the following steps:

  • Assortment of diamonds and other gemstones
  • Creating designs inspired by latest trends
  • Meticulously devising the idea into a model
  • Developing a wax replica of the master model
  • Setting the diamond and gemstones
  • Casting to give shape to the exclusive design
  • Lustrous plating and applying the finishing touch
  • Final quality check to ensure Gosil-grade service


Taking small steps towards an inclusive future with complete Transparency

At Gosil, we believe that the research and design of jewelry products require utmost dedication, legitimacy, and integrity to usher in trust. Our goal is to operate through nature-oriented means by adopting green measures that are considerate of requirements of the coming generations. 

This is why we opted for a sustainable mode of operation where we care for our surroundings and ecosystem, bringing you the most refined jewelry in Jaipur, shining in the flare of concern and respect for all. 

Our ethos and sustainability principles are what drive us towards being one of the leading gemstones and jewelry exporters in India.

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Supply chain and due diligence policy are available on request at – info@gosilexports.com

Fully compliant with global requirements, Gosil Exports Pvt. Ltd. is a RJC (Responsible Jewelery Council) certified company


Crafted exquisitely, Gosil features six stunning collections taking inspiration from the world around us and is designed for modern women.